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LifeForce warmers provide a unique comfort for my patients and me, because I can set a safe temperature and wald away. . .


The LifeForce

Helps you to efficiently manage your electrical cost while effectively caring for your patients or pets.

This is a flexible, radiant heating system for use by veterinary practices as a post-operative warming pad. They are also great for dog breeders or anyone wanting to provide the best of care for their animals.


Benefits of using our
LifeForce Vet Pad System:

  • Surgery pads All are 304 stainless steel and will heat up to set temperature in about 12 to 15 minutes. Pads can be run continuously if desired so that they are always ready in case of an emergency

  • Heat for Patients Designed to fit on top of your present surgery table

  • Durable With good care these hearths will last for years. They all carry a 5-year warranty and 3 years against materials and 2 years on electronics.

  • Safer There is absolutely no fire hazard with these units. They can be mixed with combustible materials without danger.
    Thoroughly grounded units - no burns to animals.

  • Post Operative Warming The recovery pad are great for keeping your patients and pets warm after surgery in their pens.

  • Simple to Operate All Pads come with easy to understand operating instructions.

  • Portable Flat design lets you store unit in minimum space

  • LifeForce Units are designed to run about the same temperature regardless of size when controlled by one controller.

  • Efficiency - LifeFore will only operate about 20 to 30 percent of the time. At 7 cents per KW the 18”x32” surgery pads costs about 10 cents per each 24 hours of operation. The 18”x 22” recovery pads costs will operate about 8 cents per each 24 hours of operation


LifeForce Surgical & Recovery Warmers

The LifeForce for animals comes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Surgery Pads

Recovery Pads

Pet Pads

18" x 32"

Designed to fit on
top of your

18" x 22"
18" x 32"

Designed to fit your
Single Dog Pen

18" x 22"
18" x 32"
22" x 46"

Designed to fit your
Double Dog Pen

  • Surgery pads - are designed to fit on top of your present surgery table.
  • Recovery pads - are designed to fit into your single and double dog pens.


The Surgery pads are run by an internal thermostat that controls each unit and can be set at the desired temperature that you need for your surgery room. You can move the pad from room to room or you can leave the pad plugged in all the time so that you always have a warm pad if an emergency arises.

Where there are several recovery pads in use, we recommend that you use a control box to regulate the temperature. The reason for this is that the same controller can control several pads in a number of pens.

This controller will take care of 10 of the 18" x 32" pads or 14 of the 18" x 22" pads or any combination of pads that equal 1700 watts. The electric cord on the recovery pads are designed to go through the one inch bars on the dog pens.





Control of multiple recovery pads from a single cycle timer

  • The above configuration will last from 20 to 25 years. We have proven this in the pork industry. The reason for this is that the units have no internal thermostats to go wrong since the units are controlled by external timers. which are much more durable than anything else available.
  • There is also a unit made that has internal thermostat and the temperature is adjusted with two push buttons along with a digital read out and a light that indicates when unit is running.
  • This arrangement pictured above allows a single cycle timer to control the temperature of a up to ten recovery pads in cages
  • The cycle time needs to be set to achieve the desired pad temperature. But the pad should not be ON more than three minutes of a ten minute cycle in a 70° room
  • This configuration reduces the initial cost of pads by eliminating the need for controller within each pad. The cost of the cycle timer is $90.00
  • Wiring of the timer and outlet circuit can (and should) be performed by an experienced electrician

All units are 120 volt, 60 cycle 60 Hz single phase electric.

*** WARNING: Cycle timers are NOT RECOMMENDED for outdoor applications where ambient temperatures will fluctuate during the day or night

*** WARNING: Electrical cords must be placed such that the animals cannot chew through the cord

Please contact us for additional information and pricing

Recovery Pads from LifeForce Vet Pads


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